ATTENTION: EC Motors are available on our InnKeeper vertical stacked heat pumps as an option. In order to accommodate an ECM option the IKV 015 and 018 will require a larger cabinet and chassis. The InnKeeper sizes 008 thru 012 remain in the standard InnKeeper cabinet & chassis size. The InnKeeper sizes 015 and 018 will be supplied in the larger HomeKeeper cabinet & chassis size.

EC motors are standard on The HomeKeeper units. The HomeKeeper sizes 016 thru 036 will remain in the standard HomeKeeper cabinet & chassis size.


CGC did not invent the Vertical Stacked Heat Pump — we just perfected it.

  • 100% Completely removable chassis

  • Very low sound levels

  • Multiple supply & return air knock outs (left ,right, rear)

  • Small footprint increases floor space

  • Drywall mounts directly on cabinet

BULLDOG InnKeeper Models 008 to 018                                    

3/4 – 1 1/2 tons                   18″W x 14″D x 84″H


BULLDOG HomeKeeper Models 016 to 036                               

1 /4 – 3 tons                         21″W x 20″D x 84″H


BULLDOG InnKeeper E-Series Models 008 to 012                   

3/4 – 1 ton                            18″W x 14″D x 84″H


BULLDOG HomeKeeper E-Series Models 016 to 036              

1 1/4 – 3 tons                       20 1/2″W x 20″D x 84″H




IKV/HKV Design Manual

IKV HKV Design Manual

Standard Unit Drawings


E-Series Unit Drawings


Riser Drawing


Installation and Operation Manual 


IKV HKV Universal IOM – August 2020

Riser and Cabinet Installation Manual – Aug 2017


IKV HKV ERV IOM – July 2020


Riser Mounting Instructions

For technical support, please contact our Service Manager at 1-888-220-5551 or via email:

To request technical sales information please contact your local BULLDOG Representative or our Sales Division at 1-888-220-5551 or via email:

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Like everything else about the BULLDOG System, maintenance is simple, well thought out and easily done. Essentially, it consists of regular filter changes. the filters are located on the front of the unit for easy access. In the vertical stacked model all mechanical components are located in the removable chassis. In the event of unit failure the chassis can be removed and replaced with an operating chassis in a matter of minutes. This can be done by property’s maintenance staff, making the BULLDOG unit fully operational again with minimal downtime. The chassis can then be repaired at a convenient location. Central system components require simple scheduled maintenance program as recommended by the manufacturer. For complete maintenance instructions, consult the Installation and Operations Manual for the IK & HK Vertical Stacked Products.

Always remember to disable the unit using the disconnect before servicing to prevent injury or death due to electrical shock or contact with moving parts.

For assistance in diagnosing BULLDOG Heat Pumps the Trouble Shooting Guide below is downloadable or printable PDF file: BULLDOG Diagnosis Table