Minimizes Breakdowns & Callbacks

Breakdowns are a burden, for builder, for owner, and for maintenance staff. By evaluating where and when WSHP’s are most likely to break — including valve fractures, load stress, compressor malfunctions and install errors — making changes to the Bulldog product design, we’ve significantly reduced the potential for failure. You will appreciate the worry-free reliability that the Bulldog brings during all phases of development from construction to occupancy.

Eases Maintenance and Service Disruption

Traditionally, when a WSHP needs to be serviced, maintenance staff must spend significant time inside the unit, intruding on the unit owners’ personal time and space. But with the Bulldog’s guts-free cabinet design, a separate chassis containing all moving parts is quickly rolled out from the cabinet, allowing a replacement unit to be instantly connected in its place. The resulting off-site maintenance minimizes owner/occupant stress and disturbances

Curbs Energy Waste

With electricity prices rising, and natural gas prices on the decline, there is no better way to protect against fluctuating energy costs than the Bulldog. With significantly less compressor operation, the Bulldog uses far less electricity than many WSHP’s. In addition, the Bulldog’s ability to capture and utilize waste heat minimizes the amount of heat lost to the fluid coolers, resulting in lower total building energy consumption. This approach is so effective that, in some instances, the Bulldog removes completely the need for separate high temperature water loop, and even aids in re-directing waste heat into other uses, such as the heating of condominium swimming pools and garages, and exterior snow melting.

Alleviates Comfort Concerns

The Bulldog ensures a high standard of comfort without expensive add-ons or options. Unlike most WSHP’s the Bulldog has graduated fan action, using a low-speed-first cycle to deliver a more measured temperature ruse — eliminating the “immediate hot blast” commonly associated with heat pumps. With the popularity of heavily glazed buildings, cold spots and downdrafts have become an industry-wide concern. The Bulldog reduces the expense and difficulty, associated with fixing cold perimeter zones near full-height windows, by utilizing the warm fluid loop for in-floor radiant heating installations.

Guards Against Noise Complaints

It may be tough, but its bite is definitely worse than its bark, as the Bulldog is simply one of the quietest products on the market. In addition to the dramatic reduction in overall sound output that is the result of the Bulldog’s reduced compressor operation, other substantial  sound reduction gains have been achieved by heavily insulating the unit bases, providing a special fan discharge arrangement, and enabling direct drywall mounting onto the vertical cabinet, which helps prevent sound transmission through the wall cavities.