The Bulldog is the hardest working, most productive product on the market. In fact, our motto is “No other heat pump does more, with less”.

Take a look at just some of the ways a Bulldog can give you more.

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Harder Working

The Bulldog is one relentless machine. With an uncompromising focus on productivity, we’ve create the Bulldog to work harder, last longer, and avoid breakdowns.

More Durable

Bulldog heat pumps are built to stand up to the demands of modern, rapid building construction, as well as to the expectations of unit owners who want a unit that lasts. We’ve made the toughest machine we can by using quality material, eliminating traditionally high failure parts, and reducing load stress and heat sink operation.

Greater Design and Layout Flexibility

The Bulldog footprint is distinctively small, and that means more usable space and greater flexibility for architects and designers. The enhanced design and layout opportunities lead to more rentable space for developers. The infrastructure size can be reduced even further with the smaller pipes, pumps and heat exchangers of our innovative 2 GPM/ton installations.

Faster Install

We’ve designed the Bulldog with build-speed in mind. In fact, the Bulldog is perfect for one-man installation. The Bulldog cabinet is separate from the chassis, for easier and lighter transport and install. And, Bulldog units are built to allow drywall installation directly onto the cabinet surface, saving time and materials, while gaining back 2 sq feet of usable space previously required by wall studs.

Easier LEED Certification

The Bulldog’s ability to reduce electricity consumption leads to a higher EER, exceeding the ASHRAE minimum 12.0 EER by at least 14%. An independent 2011 performance assessment concluded that the Bulldog contributes more towards various LEED rating systems than other WSHP systems — between 21% and 39% more. More points means easier certification, and less strain on other infrastructure components to meet overall LEED.

Greater Efficiency

The Bulldog heat pump offers some of the highest efficiency in the industry. The Bulldog’s more productive approach results in both significantly reduced compressor run-time hours and on-off cycling for the compressor during heating mode. Lower pumping energy requirements, more efficient cooling, reduced volume of heat rejected to the fluid coolers, and less compressor usage all result in strikingly reduced electrical consumption — up to 20% less than most water source heat pump systems.