Small footprint increases mechanical room space.


Small SpaceKeeper Vertical

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 008-018               3/4 – 1 1/2 tons                 48″H x 17″W x 17″L

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 020-036               1 3/4 – 3 tons                     57″H x 20″W x 20″L

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 042-060               3 1/2 – 5 tons                     59″H x 24″W x 24″L


Large SpaceKeeper Vertical

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 070-100                6 – 8 tons                           72″H x 32″W x 32″L

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 120-150                 10 – 12 1/2 tons                 72″H x 32″W x 44″L

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 180-240                15 – 20 tons                        72″H x 32″W x 70″L

SpaceKeeper Models SKV 280-320                23 – 26 1/2 tons                 72″H x 32″W x 82″L

Maintenance and Trouble Shooting

Maintenance for the BULLDOG system is simple and easily done.  Essentially it consists of establishing regular inspection and filter changes.  To remove the filter from the unit lift the filter up and pull it out from the bottom.  Replace the old filter by sliding the top edge of a new filter up into the rack, then pushing in the bottom of the filter until it drops into place.  In some cases, filters can also be slid horizontally for removal.  For complete maintenance instructions, consult the Installation and Operations Manual for the SpaceKeeper Vertical Products.

Always remember to disable the unit using the disconnect before servicing to prevent injury or death due to electrical shock or contact with moving parts.

For assistance in diagnosing BULLDOG Heat Pumps the Trouble Shooting Guide below is downloadable or printable PDF file: BULLDOG Diagnosis Table

Installation and Operation

SpaceKeeper Vertical IOM – Oct 2014


For technical support, please contact our Service Manager at 1-888-220-5551 or via email: RWD@cgc-group.com

To request technical sales information, please contact your local BULLDOG Representative or our Sales Division at 1-888-220-5551 or email: RJG@cgc-group.com