Fairmont Empress - Victoria, BC

The original intent of the Bulldog Heat Pump in 1995 was to provide a cost-effective retrofit solution for the hospitality industry. That’s why it was specifically designed as a complete self-contained unit, unlike the traditional separate fan and chassis. Having all of the mechanical and electrical components in one self-contained unit resulted in less work and less time spent inside existing units. 


Switching from a reversing unit to a Bulldog unit would deliver many benefits:

  • Lower electrical costs since the compressors do not operate in heating
  • Quieter, especially in the heating mode with the Bulldog compressor turned off
  • Less maintenance cost since the compressor operates fewer hours and there are no reversing valves to fail
  • Lower heating costs since heating with Natural Gas is significantly less expensive than heating with electricity 

Why Choose Bulldog for your Retrofit?

The Hybrid nature of the Bulldog Heat Pump system makes retrofitting existing systems a simpler process and offers more versatility. 

  • The Bulldog system can be made to operate as a two-pipe changeover fan coil system during the retrofit period until the last unit is installed and then reverts to standard operation which is water-cooled AC and Hydronic heating. 
  • The Vertical Stack self-contained chassis makes it a simpler process with less time spent working in the suites. 
  • Very small footprint is available to closely match existing fan coils footprint. 
  • Customized options are available such as circulating water pumps.