For the greatest chance of success for your Geothermal project, choose an HVAC system that offers the most flexibility and the greatest heat reclaiming capabilities.

To minimize capital expenditure, choose a system that can lower the cost of Geothermal field. A Geothermal utility model that removes the capital cost and risk.

Most buildings are unbalanced when it comes to heat rejected to and extracted from the Geothermal field.

Choose an HVAC system that can provide:

  • Longevity of the Geo field by mitigating the risk of overheating or overcooling
  • Simplest building piping loop layout
  • Greatest ability for heat reclaiming
  • Minimize heat rejected (cooling dominant)
  • Most dependable heating delivery method

The Bulldog Geothermal system has a positive impact on the design and operation of the Geothermal field. It allows for greater design flexibility that can help bring the Geothermal field back to a balanced mode. This is accomplished by a design that allows for ALL HVAC equipment to be placed on one common fluid loop which takes advantage of the energy diversity in the building and provides greater heat reclaiming capabilities. This reduces the risk of overheating and may result in a smaller Geothermal field with significant capital cost reductions.