Uses less electricity

A compressor that doesn’t operate doesn’t consume any power. 

Since only the fan operates while in heating mode, the Bulldog unit will consume a lot less electrical energy during the heating hours. 

Result: Lower electrical costs

Has lower failure rates

A compressor that doesn’t operate doesn’t fail.

Bulldog uses the same compressors as any other manufacturer. However, our compressors will last longer. By eliminating all compressor operation during the heating hours we have reduced the run time hours and the quantity of start-stop commands, thereby extending the compressor life and reducing failures. 

Result: Lower maintenance costs

               Less down time

Fewer moving parts

The Bulldog provides a lifetime parts and labor warranty on reversing valves. It’s easy to do when we don’t have any. 

The common point of failures with reversing WSHP is the reversing valve. Bulldog has completely eliminated this point of failure. 

Result: Lower maintenance costs

              Less down time

40-70% Lower heating costs

Depending on the cost of utilities, the Bulldog system will reduce the heating costs since it is significantly less expensive to heat with Natural Gas than with electricity.

Results: Lower operating costs

                 More contribution to LEED points

Fewer Water Loops

Since Bulldog operates with a warm water system in the heating mode, all of the HVAC loads (ie/ Bulldog Units, MUA, fin tube, in floor radiant heat, etc.) can be tied into one common loop, and provide more heat sharing (FreeHeat™).

Result: Lower energy costs

               Simpler and less costly building piping loop = capital                                     cost savings

               Lower cost Make-Up Air System

Dry cooler capability

The Bulldog design allows for warmer loop temperature in the cooling mode. 

Dry coolers may be used in lieu of evaporative type coolers due to the Bulldog condensers. The maximum inlet water temperature to allow cooling is 125⁰F at only 2gpm/ton. 

Result: Lower capital costs

               Lower maintenance costs

               No risk of Legionnaire’s disease

Fresh air delivered directly to occupied space

Either with or without integral ERV’s

The Bulldog Vertical Stack design allows for direct application of fresh air, which may eliminate the need for a dedicated outdoor air system and all of the associated duct work. 

Result: Lower capital cost

Smaller emergency generator

For Assisted Living or Long Term Care Facilities. Since the Bulldog system doesn’t require compressor power for heating, the size of the emergency generators can be significantly reduced. 

Result: Lower capital costs

Chassis change out in minutes

The Bulldog self contained chassis can be easily changed by a custodian in a matter of minutes rather than calling a refrigeration technician. 

Result: Lower maintenance costs

               Space can be occupied/rented within an hour

Retrofit friendly

The Bulldog self contained chassis may simply slide into an existing cabinet. 

Result: Lower capital costs

               Ideal for retrofit projects since less time is required in                                   the suite

Smaller Geothermal field

The Bulldog system integrates all the HVAC loads onto one common piping loop which maximizes the amount of heat absorbed from the Geo field and minimizes the amount of heat rejected to the Geo field. 

Result: Smaller Geo field for cooling dominant buildings

               Possibly fewer building water piping loops


A compressor that doesn’t operate doesn’t make any noise.

The loudest mode of operation for a standard reversing WSHP is the heating mode since it operates at higher pressures. The Bulldog has eliminated the noisiest mode by operating as a simple Fan Coil in heating. Even with the compressor operating while in the cooling mode, the Bulldog unit is one of the quietest on the market. 

Result: Less noise complaints

Smaller footprint

2 Square feet of space in lieu of 4 square feet.

The Bulldog self contained chassis of the Vertical Stack model allows for direct application of the drywall instead of using studs. 

Result: More usable space

               Less cost from the Framing Trade


The hydronic heating coil can be placed downstream of the cooling coil providing dehumidification function. 

Result: Better occupant comfort