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Q: Why does the compressor not operate in heating mode?

A: The BULLDOG™ is an energy efficient hybrid heat pump which does not require compressor operation for heating. The BULLDOG™ unit utilizes a hydronic hot water coil for heating. The hot water can come from various sources such as heat rejected from other heat pumps operating in cooling mode, a boiler system, and/or a geothermal unit with our Compax Modular Chillers.


Q: What is the proper operating temperature?

A: The BULLDOG™ can safely operate in both cooling and/or heating mode with supply water temperatures from 85°F/30°C to 125°F/52°C.


Q: My thermostat is not bringing on the BULLDOG™ heat pump? This is one of the most common service issues.

A: The BULLDOG™ is a Hybrid Heat Pump and will not operate properly if the thermostat is set to “HP” (heat pump) mode. It must be programmed for electric or gas heating.


Q: Why does my BULLDOG™ heat pump take so long to start once the thermostat is calling?

 A: Most programmable thermostats have an adjustable time delay (1-5 minutes) built into the thermostat program, and the BULLDOG™ heat pump has its own built in time delay of 10 minutes.

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