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Luther Village on the Park

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Luther Village on the Park is a single site retirement community with more than 450 residents benefiting from the ‘age in place’ concept and has been in operation since 1997. They emphasize health, wellness, safety, and choice for older adults while they enjoy a new standard of retirement living. This includes the quality of the living environment for their residents.
In 2003, the Sunshine Center – an Assisted Living community, was built furnishing 148 suites. They incorporated Bulldog Vertical Stack Heat Pumps into the suites as well as Varipak Make Up Air Units for common areas. A few of the larger suites have horizontal units mounted in utility closets.
David Neugebauer is the Facility Manager with Luther Village and reports that they are very happy with the performance of the Bulldog units. He isn’t certain, but as of January 2017, there may have been one compressor replacement since 2003. After 7 or 8 years of operation, a few units might develop minor maintenance issues. This isn’t a problem since they have multiple spare chassis which they simply switch out and repair the units out of the suite with little to no disturbance to the occupant’s comfort.
Because of this record of reliability, Luther Village decided to incorporate Bulldog Heat Pump in their recent construction and renovation. In 2015–2016, they renovated the Atrium Suites, which is an Independent Living/Life Lease wing. This renovation consisted of transitioning from fan coils to Bulldog Heat Pumps for their 153 suites. In this wing, they opted to use SKV closet type units for the suites. Also installed were three 22 ton Compax Chillers which provides chilled water to fan coils located in common areas.
Since the switch was being made from fan coils to Bulldog units, the transition began in the Fall, when all of the fan coil units were calling for heat. Due to the fact that the Bulldog operates as a fan coil in heating, the switch over continued through the winter until all the fan coils were replaced with Bulldog units.
Luther Village on the Park enriches the quality of life for their retired residents with exceptional services in a welcoming and caring retirement community located in Uptown Waterloo, Ontario. It is a subsidiary of Lutherwood, which is a not-for-profit Social Service organization that provides a wide range of support services to more than 22,000 people in Waterloo Region and Wellington County each year.


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