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Langdon Elementary School, Langdon, AB

Langdon School

The Langdon Elementary School was in need of a complete retrofit of their heating and cooling system. They were looking for a system that would offer the benefits of long-term savings, without the higher upfront expenditure that can usually be expected when installing an energy-efficient system. The project consisted of 41 horizontal SpaceKeeper units with a 2-pipe heat recovery loop that utilized a dry-type fluid cooler for heat rejection, and a hot water gas-fried boiler for heat injection. The annual savings on this project were projected at $22,000 annually (over $536 per unit per year) not including additional pump horsepower savings due to a 25% reduction in required flow, which affected the size & installment cost for all the central system components. The annual savings can be attributed to the efficiency of the heating system, and that the compressor does not operate in heating. This reduced service and maintenance costs, while making the school an energy-efficient and eco-friendly building.

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