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About Us

The Bulldog Heat Pump is designed and manufactured by The CGC Group in Toronto, Canada. The CGC Group has been providing reliable, innovative HVAC solutions for 20 years.


Tens of thousands of CGC manufactured products have found their way into condominiums, commercial buildings, corporate head offices, low-rise residential buildings, healthcare institutions, schools and universities, hotels, and apartment retrofits.


The CGC Group provides products to buildings requiring half a dozen units, right on up to those needed 2,000 units – in Montreal, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and most points in between.


Whether for new construction or retrofits, Holiday Inns or Hilton’s, hospitals or high-rises, the CGC Group is an essential trusted supplier to the North American construction and development community.

Our History

The BULLDOG Heat Pump was developed by the CGC Group in the mid 1990’s to satisfy the HVAC needs of the hotel industry. At that time, HVAC systems had high installation costs, unacceptable sound levels and ever-increasing energy costs. A significant number of test sites were established utilizing the BULLDOG system and were monitored over a number of years to ensure technical compliance. Proven technologies were incorporated into the unit design in order to minimize technical risk. Once proven, the system gained popularity for hotels and was soon being requested for other applications. BULLDOG systems were soon being installed in condominiums, assisted living, schools and office buildings. The concept of FreeHeat™ was developed after some very successful energy conservation projects by the ESCO companies. With the increasing need for quiet and energy efficient systems, the growth of the product line and applications has been nothing short of phenomenal. The CGC Group management team, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities have consistently met the challenges of this growth. Over the past 14+ years, there have been thousands of units installed throughout North America. With more discerning building occupants and a continuing trend toward Green LEED compliant buildings, the CGC Group is well positioned to meet these challenges.

Our Business

We are dedicated to being an innovative business partner who communicates clearly and strives for constant improvement and flexibility. Our goal is to respond effectively and quickly to challenges. A basic promise of operation is that a business arrangement is only a good deal if it works well for both parties. We do not have a bad project. The truth will always come out, the easiest road is to start with it.

Our Equipment

CGC Group equipment is designed to be practical and inexpensive to operate, sensible to install with reasonable capital costs, and provide comfortable surroundings for building occupants. Our business is founded on novel solutions to HVAC problems. One of our specialties is custom equipment that other vendors can’t provide.

Our People

In business there is nothing more important than good people. Every person at the CGC Group of Companies is equal but they all have different responsibilities. None are more important than others. We strive to allow people to do what they like to do because they will do it well. We spend a great deal of time at work so we try to have fun there.

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